Ashley Gourmet Pies

You Sell for $20.00 to $28.00


Raise BIG Money with Ashley Gourmet Pie Fundraiser

Appeal to everyones taste with 6 choices of delicious pies.  Take the work out of Holiday entertaining by offering "Ready to Bake" and "Thaw and Serve" pies for your fundraiser.  You can order to the piece, so you have no extra product!

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FREE Shipping on 180 Pies or more!

Order by October 21 for delivery before Thanksgiving!
Order by November 18 for delivery before Christmas!

Pies Sold
Your Unit Cost
(varies by pie)
Profit per Pie
(varies by pie)
% of Profit
180-239 $14.00-$19.60 $6.00-$8.40 30%
240-299 $13.00-$18.20 $7.00-$9.80 35%
300+ $12.00-$16.80 $8.00-$11.20 40%

Order to the piece; no extra product!

Please contact us for availability; not available in all areas