Backpack Buddy Clips

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Dino Dudes - 6 Characters OH-SO Yummy - 6 Characters 

Dino Prontosaurus 

Blue Raspberry  Pineapple   Strawberry

 Dino T-RexDino Triceratops

   Candy Apple            Orange          Grape

 Dino Prontosaurus

     Cola           Creamsicle     Cupcake

Dino T-RexDino Triceratops

      Donut         Lemon Meringue   Watermelon

Dino Dudes Display OH-SO Yummy Display


Backpack Buddies are scented stuffed Dino Dudes and OH-SO Yummy characters that come with a backpack clip. Each Back Pack Buddy character comes with their own unique scent and is filled with super soft stuffing and gourmet scented beads. Each case comes with 3 counter top displays; 36 characters per display.   

  • 108 Backpack Buddies per case
  • Each Backpack Buddy is 3.5 inches tall
  • Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years.


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Cases Ordered Unit Price Case Price Profit per Case % of Profit
1-2 $3.25 $351.00 $189.00 35%
3-4 $3.15 $340.00 $200.00 37%
5+ $3.10 $330.00 $210.00 38%