Hot & Spicy "Hotpops"

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They're HOT!

They're SOUR!


They're INTENSE!

They're SWEET!

They're SPICY!

Raise Money with Hot & Spicy Lollipops from Mexico!

Liven up your next fundraiser with these HOT & SPICY lollipops. If you are looking for something different to sell, try the latest craze in lollipops, HOT & SPICY. These Hotpops™ are perfect for your Spanish Club fundraiser as they reveal the authentic flavors directly from Mexico. Indulge in these hot pops as you meet your fundraising goals.

Hotpops™ blend hot and spicy chili along with sweet and sour fruit flavors to create an intense lollipop sensation. The unique spark of chili pepper appeals to the growing number of Americans who indulge in the hot flavors of Mexican dishes.

  • .77 oz lollipop
  • 640 lollipops per case
  • Comes in 6 fun flavors
    • Green Apple
    • Watermelon
    • Lemon
    • Pineapple
    • Orange
    • Mango

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Cases Ordered Your Unit Cost Case Price Profit Per Case % of Profit
1-4 $.50 $320.00 $320.00 50%
5+ $.45 $288.00 $352.00 55%
640 lollipops per case; each case is packed with eight 80-count cartons
Suggested Order: 1 case per 4-6 selling members