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<strong><center>Popcorn Snack Bag</center></strong>

Popcorn Snack Bag

Poppin Popcorn bags come in a Premium Variety Pack of top selling flavors! Popcorn is a low fat and gluten free energy boosting snack!  

You Sell for $2.50 or $3.00
<strong><center>Welch's Fruit Snacks</center></strong>

Welch's Fruit Snacks

Fruity and flavorful Welch's Fruit Snacks are available in 5 different flavors!  50% Profit or more on all orders!

You Sell for $2.00
<strong><center>Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods</center></strong>

Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods

Variety pack of chocolate bits, crunchy toffee, rainbow sprinkled and salted caramel.  Great for in school fundraiser!  One FREE case with every 20 cases ordered!

You Sell for $1.00