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School, Church, Scout and Sports Groups
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<strong><center>Signature Chocolate Bars</center></strong>

Signature Chocolate Bars

Five great flavors in 60 count carrier; almond, caramel, crisp, dark and milk chocolate bars.

You Sell for $1.00
<strong><center>Signature Gummy Bears</center></strong>

Signature Gummy Bears

Each carrier contains 30 bags of traditional and 30 bags of sour gummy bears.

You Sell for $1.00
<strong><center>Signature Funtastic Pack</center></strong>

Signature Funtastic Pack

48 Assorted Chocolate Bars and 12 bags of Gummy Bears in one Funtastic Pack!

You Sell for $1.00
<strong><center>One Dollar Bars</center></strong>

One Dollar Bars

Five flavors of 1.5 oz bars, almond, caramel, crisp, dark, and milk chocolate bars. 60 bars per carrier.

You Sell for $1.00
<strong><center>Gourmet Lollipops</center></strong>

Gourmet Lollipops

Lollipops for every season and sport with multiple shapes and flavors.

You Sell for $.50
<strong><center>Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods</center></strong>

Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods

Variety pack of crunchy toffee, chocolate chunk and rainbow sprinkled!

You Sell for $1.00
<strong><center>Hershey Variety Pack</center></strong>

Hershey Variety Pack

Variety pack includes 5 of Hershey's top selling products!


You Sell for $2.00
<strong><center>Box Chocolates & Chocolate Bars</center></strong>

Box Chocolates & Chocolate Bars

Varietry pack of choc covered almonds, carmel or mint bites & almond, caramel or crisp bars.

You Sell for $2.00
<strong><center>$2.00 Chocolate Bars</center></strong>

$2.00 Chocolate Bars

Five great flavors of 1.5 oz bars, almond, caramel, crisp, dark, and milk chocolate bars. 

You Sell for $1.00