• New to Fundraising? If you are new to fundraising or don't know where to start, we can help you. Call us at 800-493-9206 or email us. We will help you pick a fundraising item that best fits your group and help you reach your fundraising goals. Some information that will help us guide you through your fundraiser: We can give you selling tips that have helped other groups with their Fundraiser. We sell to all Schools (preschool, elementary, junior high, high school and colleges), Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church youth groups, dance teams, cheerleaders and all types of sports teams. With over 15 years of experience, we can help your group select a product that will meet your goal. Our goal is to make your fundraiser fast, fun and profitable.
    • When do you plan to start your fundraiser?
    • How many members plan to be selling?
    • How much money do you hope to raise?
  • What makes a fundraiser successful? Our groups who have the best fundraisers have motivated leaders. They are positive, upbeat and keep the fundraiser on schedule. Offering incentives is a great motivator to the students.
  • How long should we plan a Fundraiser will take?  This depends on the type of fundraiser you will be doing:
    • A fundraiser with a product like our Advent Calendars, Signature Chocolate Bars & Gummy Bears, Pretzel Rods, Lollipops, Healthy Snacks and Imported Chocolate & Candy usually can all be delivered within a week.     ​​​
    • Products that are sold using a Presell Brochure like Pies, Frozen Foods, Holiday Greenery and Sportz Tumblers all take longer as you have to plan for your selling time before you order your product.  You can plan on your fundraiser taking from 5 to 8 weeks from start to finish. Figure one week to choose a fundraising item and ordering your product or presell brochures. Most groups sell for 2 to 3 weeks. It can take another 1 to 3 weeks to receive your product, depending on which item you have chosen. (Frozen food brochures generally have a longer lead time than other products.) Delivery to your customers should be made as soon as possible.
  • How do I choose a fundraising product? This depends on the number of members in your groups, how much money you want to raise and which product works best for your potential customers. We can help you select the right product for your group.
  • How do I know how much to order? If you are using a presell brochure, you will have a good measure of how much to order based on your total sales. Without a presell brochure, base your order on the number of "selling" members in your group. We have recommended quantities per member for our products.
  • Do I have to order in full case quantities? This varies with each of our items, each web page will tell you if that item is sold in full case quantities or to the piece. Holiday Greenery, Broadway Café, Ultimate Desserts, Ashley Gourmet Pies. Delicious Delights and Candles/Gifts can be ordered to the piece. The Advent Calendars are sold in full case quantities, 96 or 32 calendars per case / depending on which calendars you purchase.
  • How much will shipping be? We have FREE shipping on most of our items.
    • Some items have FREE shipping with a minimum order quantity. For example,Sara Lee Pies has FREE shipping with a minimum order of 35 cases. For an order less than 35 cases, the shipping charges are prorated based on the number of cases ordered.
    • The shipping costs of Holiday Greenery vary depending on your location; we can estimate shipping charges by item so you can consider this when setting your selling prices.
  • Who are checks made out to?
    • If your customers write checks, they should be made out to your school or organization. You will need to write one check to Americas Fundraising Express. It is a good idea for your customers to pay for their product when your students/members take the order. If the product is paid for in advance, it’s easier for them when they make the delivery.
  • Do we need to pay for our order up front? We offer 30 day terms with school purchase order or bookkeeper approval. We accept payment by credit card; VISA, MasterCard and Discover; these are not charged until shipment.
  • How does open account with 30 day terms work? Payment is due 30 days after the product has shipped. We offer this to schools only; order will need bookkeeper approval or school purchase order.
  • Do you have incentive prizes? We do not offer an incentive prize program since the members of each group are often motivated by different items, depending on location, age, etc.
  • How long will it take to receive our product once it is ordered? This may vary by your location. Please allow 4-7 business days, for candy products. Allow 2-3 weeks for product sold with brochures. If you call us, we can estimate the lead time, as lead times may vary.
  • Do you accept returns? To ensure quality products for our customers we do not accept returns of food, candy and seasonal products.
  • How do I read a Profit Chart? We use our profit charts to help the groups estimate their potential earnings based on the amount of product sold.

    For example, an order for 4 cases of advent calendars would give you $691.20 of profits. Your cost per calendar would be $2.20 each; your cost per case of 96 would be $211.20; your invoice amount would be $844.80 and your total profit will be 691.20. Shipping for this product is FREE so it does not affect your profits!

    Advent Calendar Profit Chart

    Cases Ordered Unit Price Case Price Invoice Amount Total Profit
    1/2 $2.65 $127.20 $127.20 $64.80
    1 $2.50 $240.00 $240.00 $144.00
    2 $2.40 $230.40 $460.80 $307.20
    3 $2.35 $225.60 $676.80 $475.20
    4 $2.30 $220.80 $883.20 $652.80
    5 $2.20 $211.20 $1056.00 $864.00
    6 $2.20 $211.20 $1,267.20 $1,036.80
    7 $2.20 $211.20 $1,478.40 $1209.60
    8 $2.10 $201.60 $1,612.80 $1,459.20
    9 $2.10 $201.60 $1,814.40 $1,641.60
    10 $2.10 $201.60 $2,016.00 $1,824.00
    11 $2.10 $201.60 $2,217.60 $2,006.40
    12 $2.00 $192.00 $2,304.00 $2,304.00
    Orders are packed 96 calendars per case, 48 of each design.

  • For products sold with Presell brochures like Broadway Cafe, your profits are based on the number of units your group orders. For example, for an order of 240-299 units, you would earn 35% on each item sold. Your profit per piece will vary between $4.55 and $8.75 because the selling prices vary from $13.00 to $25.00. Your total profit for your fundraiser will be 35% of your total sales. Shipping is FREE with an order of 180 units or more so it does not affect your profits!

    Broadway Café Profit Chart
    FREE Freight on 180 Units or more!

    Units Ordered Sell For Profit per Unit % of Profit
    180-239 $13-$25 $3.90-$7.50 30%
    240-299 $13-$25 $4.55-$8.75 35%
    300+ $13-$25 $5.20-$10.00 40%

  • For products sold with Presell brochures like Holiday Greenery, your profit is based on the cost for the number of items sold and your selling price. For example, if you sell 50 wreaths at $25.00, your profit would be $11.75 per wreath, less the shipping charges which may range from $2.50 to $3.50 per wreath (depending on your location/zip code). For an order of 50 wreaths, here are some examples of your profits

    Selling Price   $25.00 $30.00
    Less: Cost per wreath   $13.75 $13.75
    Profit before shipping   $ 11.25 $16.25
    Less: Estimated Shipping   $ 3.00 $ 5.00
    Net Profit per Wreath   $ 8.25 $ 11.25
    Times 50 Wreaths   X 50 X 50
    Total Profits   $412.50 $562.50

    Holiday Wreaths Profit Chart
    Sell For $25 - $30

    Units Sold Price Profit/Wreath
    10-99 $13.75 $11.25-$16.25
    100-199 $13.50 $11.50-$16.50
    200+ $12.25 $11.75-$16.75

    Cost and profit does not include shipping and handling.